Purposeful Planners
~ Giving Purpose to Your Space and Time ~

How This Works

With a simple phone call or email to Purposeful Planners, you can set up an initial, free, in-home consultation. We will meet at your home, walk through the space and determine your goals for the project.

After the initial consultation, we will provide you with a written estimate for the project and review the process with you. Each project is unique so we will work with you on a one on one basis to find a solution that meets your needs, schedule and budget.

We then set up a time to get started and the transformation begins! Throughout the process we work with you to purposefully assess the need and function of the space, determine which items are worth keeping and what can be donated, consigned or recycled.  We want to help you rethink how you use the space and how to use it more purposefully.

One thing that makes us unique from other professional organizers is that we don't want to just "get in and get out", we want to be sure that what we create is maintained. That is why we offer a 6-month maintenance plan, as part of our package.