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How Long Will it Take & How Much Will it Cost?

So by now, you are wondering how long will this take and how much is it going to cost me?  We know a linen closet can be basically the same in all homes but we've learned that no two jobs are alike.  This is why we provide a consultation before we start each project and unlike our competitors, our initial consultation is FREE!

Project Duration - this is based on an average project:
Pantry                                                 2-4 hours                      
Linen Closet                                        2-4 hours
Guest Bedroom                                   3-6 hours
Laundry Room                                    3-6 hours
Master Closet                                      4-6 hours
Home Office                                      4-6 hours
Kitchen                                               4-6 hours
Garage                                                5-hour minimum

Up to 1 hour consultation                    Free
Project Design Development               Included
Project Implementation                        $85 per hour*
Driving outside of city limits                TBD based on driving distance
6-Month Maintenance Plan                  Included!  Read more below...

* The hourly rate includes two organizers so we get more done in less time. That's quite a deal!

Our Maintenance Plan:  As our way of making sure that the systems we develop for you will work for the long term we offer a “refresher” appointment within the 6-month time period of the project's completion.